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In competitive online business, the details are often crucial. However, these details often cost a lot of time and therefore money.

With Descripio, you can bring the AI ​​future into your business just now. Descripio helps you keep your product and service descriptions up to date at all times – almost completely automated and definitely based on real customer feedback. This way you always know what your customers want.


With Descripio, you not only benefit from our marketing and sales expertise, but also from our technical expertise as IT experts. We offer you automated and cost-effective solutions that replace manual and time-consuming work. This simultaneously saves you valuable time and reduces costs.

Our AI-powered solutions optimize your product descriptions based on customer reviews. We help you improve your content from the right keywords to detailed product information in order to achieve higher conversion rates and encourage customers to buy.


We provide you with access to the latest technologies – and in an unbeatably simple way.

Our plugin uses your customer feedback to suggest tailored decisions using our AI solution. All you have to do is adopt what you want.

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Complete freedom of choice AI analysis and support Concise DL descriptions Current product descriptions

About Us…

We are a passionate, owner-managed IT company that is characterized by personal support and offers innovative solutions for digital challenges. With over three decades of experience in supporting a wide range of customers, we offer in-depth expertise and share practical first-hand insider tips.


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What Makes Us Special

Our solutions are practical and innovative. We are uncomplicated. This mixture is ​​always beneficial and can certainly support you in your online business. The three main advantages of our products are:

  • AI-powered updates: Use the latest technology to keep your product and service descriptions relevant and up to date.
  • Stay competitive: Your product and service descriptions cannot fail to be more up-to-date and relevant than with our solution. Descripio significantly reduces your time expenditure and thus frees up time for other things.
  • Full control: Descripio works with AI. But you decide which suggestions you want to accept and which you don’t – you’re always in the driver’s seat.
Initial analysis and implementation of “quick-wins”XXX
Monitoring your content & automatic notification of changes using amazonXXX
SEO and keyword optimizationXXX
Buy box analysis and optimizationXXX
Monthly reporting and joint success monitoring, your ROI analysisXXX
Assistance with FBA introduction and managementXXX
Small and Light analysis as well as assistance with introduction strategyXXX
Proactive support in adaptation of changes under amazon requirements (e.g. Adjustment of packaging sizes and materials)XXX
Non-binding scrutinization of legal requirements for completenessXXX
Processing of “cases” concerning changes incorrectly applied to your products by amazon (up to 5h per asin monthly)XX
Permanent monitoring of case law and proactive development of measuresXX
Permanent optimization of the entire customer journey instead of the isolated consideration of productsXX
Competitor analysisXX
Regular benchmarking in your industryXX
Building a long-term evaluation management for the long-term success of both SEO and SEA measuresX
Permanent monitoring of your competition according to your requirements (kpis, inventories, ratings…)X

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